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Voice and Data Services

Integra offers cost-competitive and reliable voice and data services to stay connected and remain productive. Built from the ground up to serve businesses exclusively, Integra is a proven partner in providing comprehensive solutions for companies like yours. We offer a full suite of solutions for your data and voice communications needs.
  • Voice Communications Hosted and managed phone systems, traditional voice lines, phone equipment, and other options for your business.
  • Data Networking and Internet Integra provides scalable data and Internet access solutions over a variety of technologies, designed for your unique requirements.
  • Managed and Cloud Services Build a powerful enterprise class network without large up-front capital expenditures, unexpected hardware upgrades, or worrying about technology obsolescence.
  • Colocation and Equipment A wide range of data and voice hardware or a secure environment to store your mission critical application hardware.
  • Voice & Data Bundles Flexible integration of voice and data communications, scalable bandwidth options, and a host of valuable features.
Small businesses will appreciate our rich and flexible service offering, while mid-size and rapidly growing companies will benefit from the customization and proven solutions that Integra offers. Best of all, your experience with Integra is backed by local engineering, account management and customer care professionals who can quickly address your needs.


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Integra's network, flexible products, and steadfast customer-centric approach are fundamental to providing a pleasant experience for my patients..
Dr. Joe Safirstein
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